Things are finally starting to fall into place.  I decided that some stuff didn’t fit here, so it will be moved elsewhere.  In the meantime, the Fic Lists and trashier stuff will remain here, until I can finally think of a proper domain name I like and I’ll have redirections going in all directions. 

Select Fanfic by Category to view lists of fics.  I’m gradually changing them from their original PDF format into tables to make them easier to navigate on portable devices, but longer ones will probably remain as PDFs if I can get mobile links working.

I’ve decided to change the names in the menu for the digital manipulations to make them easier to distinguish, but i still haven’t come up with good names for them.  I’m having trouble with names lately.   There are two galleries, one rated G – PG-13 and the other R – NC-17.

The majority of pages on this site are adults only.  A pop-up should appear on the first adults only item you look at.  This might play up from time to time and be over-eager to show itself, but it annoys me too so I’ll try to fix it.

There’s a contact page you can use to contact me, or you can find me at i-dont-wanna-wrestle.tumblr.com.  If I don’t get back to you straight away it’s nothing personal, just a touch of social phobia.


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