About X-Trash

I have made it my latest life mission to collect X-Files MSR fan fiction.  To do this I import everything I want to read into a wonderful free ebook management program called Calibre.  From Calibre I can generate lists of all fics under a certain tag… as long as I have a tag for a particular trope.  Unfortuately I only began adding tags around a year ago, and some are only added when I get a request in, so a lot have been added retrospectively from memory.  With my poor memory being the reason I started a database of fics to begin with, this means I’ll miss a few and get a few wrong now and again.

By generating these lists I’m making it more interesting for myself to go through and find all stories I can on a particular subject rather than plodding through over 6000 fics one after the other.  I’ve only just started to add URLs to the database, which is a mammoth task in itself, and I’m finding that there are some stories that I just can’t find ever again.  Every year we lose more wonderful archives, and there are some fantastic stories which disappear with them.  I am hosting the occasional lost fic here, but only those which state they can be archived anywhere.  When I get things more organised I will attempt to contact other authors of missing fics and see if they can also be resurrected.

Good news! Ephemeral should return by Christmas.

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