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David Duchovny has a message for you!  (This is originally from the TXFATTWR site and gave me a fright when I first opened their page.  I won’t scare you by embedding it myself, but go ahead and give it a play and pretend it’s the 90’s again!)

The Enigmatic Dr’s Fanfic Favorites

A site containing fanfic lovingly selected and arranged by Tamra Walthall. Although not updated since 2009, the site remained on the net until 2016.  Much of the recommended fiction is offsite, but a number of stories are hosted there as well.

The X-Files Fanfic Hall of Shame

I love a good dose of badfic from time to time.  Intentional badfic anyway.  This is the original repository of badfic from the previous millennium. 

Haven archive

Idealists’ Haven, usually referred to just as ‘Haven’ started as the “Haven for the FBI’s Most Unwanted” in 1998.

The site originally contained fan fiction, fan art and images, but after a server crash in 2003 only the message boards were restored.  The Haven message board currently at is still very much alive and kicking.


Xemplary was the archive for the newsgroup.  It created a lot of controversy in 2001 when it refused to archive any more Doggett stories.  It wasn’t so much their choice not to archive Doggettfic that was the problem, but a vocal and malicious anti-Doggett sentiment started to impact Doggett friendly writers and their supporters, to the extent where authors were having their personal web sites pulled by hosts because someone was reporting them for breach of T&Cs etc. 

I personally won’t hold back my opinion that Doggett was the wrong character to continue the show with, but I really try not to be a total bitch about it.  Suffice to say, I may have lost interest in the show because the character balance and humour were out of whack, but I’ll defend everyone’s right to read and write and watch whatever they want.   I even read a fan fic once in which I liked Doggett.  😉  


Prometheus1013 was Spookychick’s archive containing selected recommended fanfic.

Plop Humor Archive

Plop was a small collection of X-Files humour stories on geocities, last updated in 2001.

I’m still investigating interesting sites on The Wayback Machine and hope to bring you more as I come across them, particularly those from authors of note.  Let me know if you have any suggestions of pages you’d like to see again.

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