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Note: I have discovered a flaw with linking to Gossamer.  Their robots.txt excludes search engines but a link to a page can bypass the robots.txt and make that page appear in google etc.  Where Goss is the only option I can find for a story, I’ll link to their search page and provide the author ID after their name for ease of searching.  

These lists of fics by category aren’t necessarily a recommendation, but I try to remove any really awful ones I’ve read.  I haven’t read all of them, and my reading has slowed down as I’ve tried to tidy up the library a bit, so the odd non-purposely bad fic may slip through.  However, there are some large lists, such as “First Times”, in which would be impossible to list every story, so special marked categories only include fics I’ve really enjoyed or which were different or memorable in some way.

As these lists are only generated from the fics I like to read, there will be a lot of types of stories I won’t be able to list.  For example I’m not really into historical AUs, slash, threesomes, hardcore BDSM etc, pregnancy, baby or kid fics, so I have too few of those to list.  I don’t like Doggett or Reyes much, and I’ve decided that everything after season 7 is AU, so there’s not a lot after that (unless they’re fixing Carter’s headcanon AU).  It’s pretty much straight MSR or case files, generally smut biased.  I have a penchant for severe angst but I have to counteract this with a lot of stories that have no business being taken seriously.

A note about ratings.

Episode based lists:

Lists that include all ratings (may contain NC-17 material)
Smut Only Lists – Adults Only!

Trope Based Lists

Lists that include all ratings (may contain NC-17 material)
Smut only lists – Adults only!

Other Character Based Lists:

First Times – Recommendations

I’m adding around 50 recs at a time to this list, although the First Fifty contains a number of series which more than double the number of fics in the first list.  They’re a mixture of everything from comedy to angst, from seasons 1 to 7.  My preferences tend to swing between extremes of angst and PWP ridiculousness so be warned.

Second Times

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