MSR Fic List: Coming from Behind…

This is definitely a NSFW list, as requested by an anon.  I don’t tag sexual positions so i had to search the library manually.  I’ve come up with a few, but I vaguely remember others that I can’t find right now.  Searching is very hit and miss.  The search “from behind” got over 10,000 hits (10,000+ was all my search program would tell me), so I had to try to play with a few other common keywords to bring the number down to a level I could go through.   Subsequently I’ve missed quite a few, with only come up with 35 to share with you.   I haven’t done a search yet for individual rear entry positions; if I have a burst of energy later I’ll see what else I can dig up.  Hopefully these ones aren’t ones you’d come across very easily so they’ll be new to you.

One strange thing I noticed was that most of them are quite long stories.  If you’re after PWP, there are a few, or you can search each fic for the scene in question.

OK, on with the show.  I’m trying to use tables to make the lists more cross-platform compatible, but let me know if you have problems and I can do a PDF  version.  You can select how many rows to view at one time from the top of the table.

Note: I have discovered a flaw with linking to Gossamer.  Their robots.txt excludes search engines but a link to a page can bypass the robots.txt and make that page appear in google etc.  Where Goss is the only option I can find for a story, I’ll link to their search page and provide the author ID after their name for ease of searching.

2momsmakearightUndercover Swing54304Mulder & Scully go
undercover at a swingers club.
AmbressThe Leap14659SUMMARY: Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. See also sequel: LandfallM
BranwellCherish The Distance18642Summary: Mulder and Scully became lovers before Christmas. Can they manage to integrate this new level
of intimacy into their friendship and work? Their new bond is tested to the
breaking point when Mulder questions ScullyÂ’s dedication to his quest for Samantha.
 Before SUZ.  Major Angst.
CallicottPrimal Priorities3127Summary: Sometimes you need to remember your priorities for doing what you do.M
DashaKAlunakanula4411Summary: The moon has vanished.M
destyshellA Visit to Venus Springs24044There's something mysterious in
a picturesque Colorado mountain village where romance is rampant and the birthrate is astronomical.
DonnileeHappy Birthday, Love33928Mulder decides to confess his
feelings by buying a birthday present that leads to all sorts of questions about relationships, money, the future and exploring the dark side of sexuality.
DonnileeG is for Gruesome34227 Summary: A serial murder is discovered. Our dynamic duo is called in to examine the occult evidence. All Hollows’ Eve is approaching and time is running out. Emotions run high and when they take a break one night to be normal people while their guards are down, something wonderful happens.M
DonnileeRevealing14832 Sequel to R is for Revelations. It's Scully's turn to ‘fess up. M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205SUMMARY: Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it's too late. [Stripper!Mulder  !! story
contains noncon, incest etc]
EdieroneShoved; Then Jumping2489Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.M
FatCatThe Urge To Merge15308Summary: The relationship that
culminated in marriage in Scully’s Pride is remembered by Dana Scully-Mulder. Scully Love & Scully's Pride are here.
GillianinChainsSex Happens3390Summary: events that happen over a set period of time in which M&S have slips of morality M
h0ldthiscatChristening1113"Why haven’t we ever had sex at work?”E
icedteainthebagSelfish8551 Summary: Scully brings her feelings about how Mulder treats her to the forefront.E
IzzyPywacketImpure Thoughts2922She's the kind of woman that men leave their wives for. She wears a dark red silk blouse cut so low he can see the hollow between her rounded breasts. Her black leather skirt has a deep slit, offering a view of one smooth thigh. But it's her lips that grab his attention, shiny garnet colored lips, swollen as if she'd been doing wicked things.M
KarenRaschA Words Interlude - Early Morning Words5155Summary: Short piece that features our heroes in bed. Thinking. And doing other things. Second Place Winner of 1996 Spooky for Best
Mulder/Scully Erotica. Part of the Words series but can be read on its own.
KimogenJe Souhait - La Verite3742The story behind Je Souhait, the bits we never got to see. Kimogen also has a post-Je Souhaite story if you're interested.N
KristinMacKenzieDarkness and Silence3401Summary: The real reason for the
sudden change in relationship dynamics during “Pusher.”
Ktblle 15414Under The Influence5489SUMMARY: “If you stop, I promise I will fuck you within an inch of your life tonight.”  [drunken
MissyPenningtonEscape Me Never24485Note: “Escape Me Never” is the conclusion of a story that started in "Tempest” and continued in “Distance”
and “Wild Places.” The seriescan be found here.
MoJoIntimacy Deux87645The one in five billion happens. MSR/baby-fic. M
RachelAntonVolition Unbound23375Summary: The return of a man from Scully’s past forces her to make some decisions. Scully/other to MSR.M
RachelHowardAbove Rubies58906SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.M
SaGe-Secret Pasts2654Mulder discovers Scully is sick when he calls to find out why she's not in the office.  He spends the
next few days with her, caring for her, and learns something from her past while she has a fever.
ScullyGolightlyThat's What He Said4325Some not so idle chit chat in the office. Mulder tells Scully some of his fantasies.E
SelenaCoontzMake Me2961SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully have fun of the physical sort one Friday night. The sequel, Make Me Too is also at the link.E
ShannonK107742Skinner has a bad week but is rewarded in ways he could not even have hoped for.M
ShannonKSuzugos5308Where does the anger end and the sexual tension begin?M
SoodohnimhSlow Drag3523Office smut.E
StarLushAt Peace15073Yet another take of "all things." My version plus how their relationship may have developed in between the two episodes.M
StarLushCaught1893Skinner sets up a 7:30 meeting.  Mulder and Scully arrive early and make good use of their time… Chapter
10 of Random Office Conversations
WildwingSuzNever Too Late22735It comes down to trust -- and love.E
XRaePeaks of Insanity15429Deeply affected while profiling a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge? There's also a sequel to this, Valleys of Lucidity N
XXMFLuderXXMob Princess And The Buffoon1238Summary: It's the 1920’s. And the mob is booming. William Scully is the kingpin. One of his lackies, Alex Krycek, muses apon his boss's daughter and her buffoon boyfriend. [it's pretty much just an AU PWP].N

Scully Seduces Mulder Totally Cheaty List

I don’t have a tag for this I’m afraid, and the only ones I know of are from my favourite site:  Lost and Found FAQ.  So it’s another DIY list I’m afraid.

Click Here to go to the Lost and Found FAQ List for Scully Seducing Mulder.

You’ll notice there are letters in curly brackets.  The ones with {G} are from Gossamer and the ones with {W} are from Whispers of X.  

There are two that don’t have a location so I’ll link those here.

Conflagration by Snoopmar (I’m 98.9% sure that’s the one)
Scopic Pulsion by Mish  (sequel to What Hands Do)

These lists are rather ancient so if I think of anything else I’ll add it here.  🙂 

Dance With Me Series Parts 1 to 10 by C Hall & MK Robinson

This series is online in a couple of places as a compilation, but two parts are duplicated and two parts missing.  I’ve posted the corrected version here.


Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:22:16 -0500
Subject: NF> Dance With Me 1/2 *NC-17*

*Author’s note: This is totally unrealistic, and yes, I *know* it couldn’t have happened given the X-Files chronology that Carter has created, but I had to write it. I hope you do enjoy it. It’s a romance and it’s also an alternate universe story. NC-17 rating, my first, so please no flames (constructive criticism would be a good disguise, if you gotta send ’em) because I’m not really sure what I’m doing here.  Just a warning.

All comments to:

*Disclaimer: X-Files, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder all belong to Chris Carter, Fox Broadcasting and Ten-Thirteen Productions. No infringements intended.


Dance With Me (NC-17 – Mild)
By Charleyne Hall

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Sixteen Again by Samiam

I pilfered this one from Fran58’s Fanfiction Addiction on Wayback as I wasn’t able to find it online anymore.


TITLE: Sixteen again
AUTHOR: Samiam (
ARCHIVE: Just tell me where to send the child support payments
FEEDBACK: be brutal, this is what my insomnia lives for.
SPOILERS: very mild one for Never Again.
CATAGORY: MSR, PWP, Scully POV, Scully torture (but in a cool way)
DISCLAIMERS: Um yeah, you know what this is and you know the drill.
THANKS: To Tish for the quickie beta last night and to Dallas, Suzy and Barrie
– if you girls hadn’t been cheerleading, I’d have quit months ago.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: at the end

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The Lace-Up Fly Series by Jacquie LaVa

It took me a long time to dig up these stories so I had to share them.  The four stories in the series are humourous little smut pieces based on the above photo of David Duchovny wearing those leather pants. 


The Lace-Up Fly series by Jacquie LaVa

  1. Lace-up Fly [R]
  2. Night Train [R]
  3. Leather and Lake Water [NC-17]
  4. Hook and Eye [R]

Read all four stories below.  Total words: 15,737

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Christmas Consummations

Yes it’s a little late, but everything I do is.  This is just a random number of first time fics where the event happened at Christmas.  It’s not part of the Fifty Favourite First Time Fucking Fics Series because this is just what I had tagged in the library.  

AuthorsTitleWordsCommentsEp/ SeasRated
AnneHaynes12 Tales of Christmas28984Starts with post ep for HTGSC, but continues on to finish after Arcadia. First time is in "Eternity Waits"
AriadneUpon the Highest Bow4034Post ep for HTGSC
CatwomanElmo5450After Christmas Carol Scully calls Mulder in a fit of indecision, again, and loses her  nerve, again.  But this time, Mulder's not letting her 'off the hook'.   
CoriTransference Of Ownership5490Summary: Mulder and Scully take a risk and exchange Christmas presents.
DashaK & PlausibleDeniabilityAfter Eight8501Summary: Is it the magic of the Eight Ball, the Christmas spirit, or something that’s been a long time in coming? 
drfangirlUnwrapped3105The aftermath of "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"6.06M
ExeterStreetMulder's Christmas Package1770Summary: Mulder receives the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents.
FatCatAn X Files Xmas Surprise14762Summary: Scully and Mulder are trying to make it back to DC for Christmas, but the most unexpected thing happens.
HindyZBradleyAgent Scully Works Her Magic4101Summary: This is simply a Christmas confection. 
JacquieLaVaSuch Gifts as These2890Post-ep for “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” 
JacquieLaVa & TBishop1-900-OH-SANTA19429Summary: Scully is finding this Christmas particularly stressful until she takes matters into her own hands. (a little pun intended)M
JoriCalendar Girl I: Blue Light Special7245Keywords: MSR, sappy Christmas stuff, mind candy canes 
 Author’s notes: This is a post-Christmas story dedicated to people like me who know that they can’t get anything done by Christmas, so they just set the story the day after Christmas.

I've linked to the Wayback Machine page which has the entire series.
MacSpookyStranded For Christmas15173This is a Christmas story that I wrote, or started on November 11, 1995.  I've tried to pick up on the coolness we've seen in too many of the eps this season and make use of it here.  What happens when the two agents are stranded for xmas.
MangokiwitropicalswirlThe Twelve Tropes of Christmas20673This is part of a personal challenge to write little holiday drabbles that each contain one of the fandoms' favorite tropes.
PlausibleDeniabilityBlue Xmas4409'Tis the night before Christmas, and Scully's holiday is turning out a little differently than she expected. Scully gets her heart's desire with the help of a quirky museum. !mildly dubcon
SherylMartinReparations3038Scully has a personal crisis, and Mulder is there… this is what I WANTED to see after “Emily”… gryn… Spoilers: Memento Mori, Christmas Carol, Emily… Rating: NC-17, natch… Story, MSR…
TessBlessed Night6700Smut  Post the HTGSC
thesexfilesCarol of the Narcissist and the Naysayer3496Silence is as common between them as conversation, as natural. She has watched him think, sleep, cry, eat, laugh. She has even caught him in his own version of a prayer, silently staring up at a moonless sky. She’s a patient woman, even at a crossroads. It is one of her greatest strengths. It is, she worries, her hamartia.

I’ll leave the PDF version attached.  Please note that I’ve done the links wrong somehow so they don’t work on phones, but they should work your desktop.  I’ll have a tinker when i get some spare time.

PDF version: A random number of First Time Christmas Sex fics that I’m too tired to alliterate


Cabinets and Desks and Chairs, Oh My! – Xangel

Another story I must have dredged up from the depths of  I’ve tried searching for it again to no avail.  If you can get past Scully’s jealous histrionics (and her wearing crotchless underwear to work), there’s some first time office smut to be had.


Title: Cabinets and Desks and Chairs, Oh My!

Author: xangel

Rating: NC17


Summary: creative use of office furniture, written especially for Tali who said she’d share with Banlu! Happy Birthday to you both!

Thanks to: xdks who did a kick-ass beta job and fixed all those pesky tenses and commas I seem to abuse. And thanks to Deirdre – who helped me figure out how to format!

Feedback: thankfully accepted @

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them, I’m only borrowing them. I don’t have any money, so don’t sue.


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A Further Fifty Favourite First Time Fics for a Fast Fic Fix

This collection of fifty first time fucking fics contains fics of under 10,000 words for when you feel the need for a quick fics fix.  This is for those people who need  a short smut break throughout their day to get through the holiday season with their sanity intact.

This list ranges from intense angsty smut through regular smutty smut to a bit of fun and silly smut to hopefully cover all your smut needs.  

The ratings are starting to get a bit complicated looking, but you can check A note about ratings  for an explanation.  It’s probably sufficient to say that all fics on this list are rated R to NC-17.

AllyinthekeyofXBlurring the Lines9580‘I’d agreed with him that the world hadn’t ended. So why do I now wish it had?
Scully needs more than she thinks Mulder is prepared to give.
audrey_cooperAbandon2556Summary: Conflagration in a motel roomM
2588Summary: The beach, bare feet, and RST7.04M
BanluAn Amazing Thing1514Summary: Smutty post-ep for “Miracle Man”. [Yes, really.] Written for the Fandomonium Season of Smut Challenge - Season One1.18M
Baroness_BlixenShared Space2255The age-old trope: There's only one room and only one bed. Can Mulder and Scully share?M
BeduiniFrustration9342I have issues about “Why don’t they?” and “What’s stopping them?” - Other than, “Because Chris says so.” I want answers, damn it!
CheyBurgessSouls Embracing3455Summary: Early morning, rain on the roof, warm partner - who wouldn't take advantage? Mulder POV.M
CindyETAcquitted9029Summary: "Somehow, I always pictured the circumstances would be a little more romantic, but you know what they say about beggars. Besides, cabin in the woods, a roaring fire, only one bed... Hell, even with the dust and cobwebs, it's more romantic than my apartment. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get to make my move at last -- Scully's bound to be feeling sorry for me after she sews my leg back together and I'm not too proud to accept a pity..."
There's also a sequel:
ClairJust Once4171The annual team building conference has come round again and lets just say Mulder and Scully take team building much more serious than the other FBI agents only they also break bureau protocol. Very Hot, serious smut.
CybillBending2842SUMMARY: Scully is still feeling the effects of the brethren. Mulder helps her through it. Smut ensues.
dana_katherine_scullyJust a game1256Scully has lost a bet and now has to bear the consequences.  Strip blackjack.M
DashaKFrozen9634Summary:  The end of a case, and a stay in a log cabin during a blizzard, lead Scully to take the biggest risk of her life.M
DianaBattisOne Ordinary Day5256Summary: One ordinary day, with fortune cookies. 
DianaBattisThe Game4804Summary: Learning to play can be dangerous.
DreamshaperOther Options4117SUMMARY: Arcadia was a good smut vehicle, as many of you know. I used it shamelessly for my own romantic ends 6.15M
EdieroneShoved; Then Jumping2489Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.
EilunedHeartland I: Delta4948SUMMARY: Things get hot in New Orleans. Stakeout at the cemetery. Also sequel Heartland II: Deserts Dry
EvieLouiseLittle Black Dress3982SUMMARY: All the other writers came up with serious, soul-searching post-“En Ami” fics. I wrote smut. Go figure. While watching that scene in the restaurant, I really wished Mulder could see Scully in that black dress…
Also LBD II at the same link.
FatCatHero Dancing Backwards In Heels8279Summary: Sometimes a woman has to Cowboy Up and take what she wants.

FialkaBackstop3036Summary: smut biscuit Spoilers: eh, not really, unless you have no idea what happened at the  end of The Unnatural 6.19M
GeorgiaWaking Up Twice3747Summary: Frank said it, not me…we saw Scully wake up not once but twice in Mulder’s apartment last season.
7.17, 7.10M
HeathersProof6683Summary: Post-Small Potatoes story. 2 months have passed since Mulder caught Scully & Van Blundht in a.Compromising position. Now it’s time to deal with the repercussions and get a little closer.
icedteainthebagThree Letters; Ten Points3308Mulder and Scully play Scrabble on a Saturday night.E
JamieTanquaryThe Lake2734Summary: Ok. maybe I was in the mood for a little Smut...well not completely. It is a little sappy as well. As a challange to a friend who wanted nothing more than a little impromtu SMUT. N
JenniferLyonFire and Ice7957Just as Mulder was about to close the office door, FBI Assistant Director Skinner looked up from the file he was studying, "By the way, Agent Mulder, I expect I will see you and Agent Scully at the Bureau dinner and dance tomorrow night."
JessAnniversary8088SUMMARY: Scully reaches a turning point in her relationship with Mulder.
JesseIcing6179Summary: Smut, smut, and more smut. Sequel to ONE WORD, also at link.
JoriCalendar Girl I: Blue Light Special7245This is the first story in the Calendar Girl series, which covers a years worth of holidays (from memory) which goes through a heap of tropes.
I've used the web page from as it has all fics included.
JoriGoing Once4421Summary: A savory proposition is presented to Scully. 
Jori & MoJoLessons XIV: Bringing it Home8178Summary: Months after their first ‘lesson’ together on the baseball diamond, Mulder and Scully try to bring it on home.
This is the final story in the series. You really should read the entire series, it's a heap of fun with them trying to teach each other riduculous things and quite a few false starts, foreplay fumbles and with interruptions before the final event. All stories are at the link.
KellyMorelandFighting Words1177At that exact moment, Mulder snapped.E
LydiaBowerMid-Winter Thaw5936Summary: How far will Scully go to save Mulder from the mind of a madman?M
MD1016Cheapened Things7387Summary: Basically sex and angst. Lots o` angst. 
MD1016Eyes Shut809Scully wants to enjoy the sensations.
MelodyAgainst the Wall6337While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse — with surprising results.6E
Mimic117False Assumptions2879Mulder’s been thinking about Scully’s “oh brother” at the hospital for the last week. The more he thinks, the madder he gets. It’s time to show her he wasn’t joking.
MishNo Quarter Given I: Abstinence7648 Summary: She wants to feel alive.  Serious angst. This is not a pretty one, folks.   Post Never Again There are 3 stories in the series, all at the link.4.13M
mizdizShe Tastes Like Candlelight8814"I’d say,” she says slowly, after a long moment, “that we’ve already gone past that which we can’t undo.E
MustangSallyAll the Children are Insane3919SUMMARY: The Fan-Fiction Writer's Union (NJ Local #527) required post 'End' vignette.
neednotPower Lines607She wants to reach over to still his hands but she knows if she touches him they won’t be able to stand it.
She reaches anyway, Pandora opening the box that’s long been closed to her.
NicknocLoser Takes All6213 Post Arcadia and they’re undercover again. But don’t worry about the thin excuse for a plot. You just need to know they get it on. No plot, no redeeming value. Just smut.
NoelleLeithe (shannono)What a Way1516PWP
PBBurksTIckled Fancy8288SUMMARY: Into the Woods With Mulder and Scully, or How to Exorcise a Demon on a Full Moon.  Danu & Cernunnos celebrate Beltane.  
RachelHowardWithout Reason3496Summary:  Post-Kitsunegari angst-o-rama which descends pretty quickly into pure mind candy.5.08M
ScullysfanEvidence of Things Unseen2657Summary: Scully contemplates the ethereal made real in her relationship with Mulder.
SoodohnimhMove the Body Over2624M & S have an emotional reunion after another bomb scare... Skinner tells them to take it somewhere else and they do.
SuzanneSchrammSeven Year Itch6919Summary: Sequel to "Dividends." Another late night conversation as Mulder and Scully sort through their feelings. I adhere to the *original* dates of the show - Mulder and Scully started working together in March 1992 so this March marks seven years together. This story will make more sense if you read "Dividends" first.
WildwingSuzHeads or Tails5664What happens between the time they go to their room and the next morning. (Rain King)6.08M
wtfmulderChantilly Lace2298Scully is a vision in chantilly lace.6M
ZuffyClinical Detachment7764Summary: Scully’s injury tests our agents’ self-control 

I figured out where I pressed the wrong button so the table has returned.  I’ll leave the PDF file here since it’s here now.

Fifty Fast Favourite First Time Fucking Fics – PDF