Fic List: Amnesia – Mulder, Scully or Both

I haven’t been posting a lot as I have a rather large project underway, but just when I needed a break from that I got a request for an Amnesia fic list.

I love a good amnesia fic, and there are about 40 on the list.  I’ve also included a couple of websites below the table for further reading.  Because this is a category that’s actually been tagged by victim, which is a novelty, I’ve grouped the fics on this list accordingly.

NOTE: In keeping with my no-linking-to-Gossamer policy, Gossamer links will take you to the Goss search page where you can use the author ID to bring up their stories.

AngelaWReality Check8391Summary: Mulder wakes up in a hospital bed and canÂ’t remember
the last year of his life. Much has stayed the same, but some things are
decidely different.
Baroness_BlixenFamily Reunion7918Mulder accompanies Scully to a family reunion. Things
don't go according to plan. [after a hit to the head Mulder thinks they're
DanaK35Solace14205Summary: Mulder comes back to find life changed and Scully has
trouble letting go. [SSR (past) !secondary character death]
DeborahGoldsteinDeath Will Be Our Darling94517Mulder gets car-jacked, and after recovering enough to go back
to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--
which has it's own problems-- and that certain people don't appreciate that.
DonnaNo More Film2379What happens to a photographic memory.  [Set in the
future, M&S are in their 70s.  Sad.]
ErinMBlairThe Misery Of One10545Summary: After Mulder's betrayal, Scully ends up with a
dieting disease--anorexia nervosa. Can someone save Scully before it's too
late? Is Mulder really Mulder? !EatingDisorder
ErinMBlairDecoy7765SUMMARY: What if Mulder was replaced by someone who looked
like him?
Girlie_Girl7Of Two Minds7769Summary: Mulder has amnesia and it goes downhill from
JoeyR -

& SarahK
Remember Me5952Summary: Mulder suffers from amnesia after an accident and
begins to believe Fowley's lies...... Remember, I am a SHIPPER, nothing
really evil's gonna happen.
KatherineBentonBetrayal8827Summary: MulderÂ’s actions after Demons have devastating
consequences !noncon
- 16408
Seven Years In Denver42977Scully runs into Mulder in Denver after being missing for 7
years. [Mulder/other, SSR, MSR.] SPOILER - select the following text to read a warning for shippers: - it doesn't resolve into MSR.
MangokiwitropicalswirlThe Twelve Tropes of Christmas20673This is part of a personal challenge to write little holiday
drabbles that may or may not connect, but which each contain one of the
fandoms' favorite tropes.
NancyNivlingThe Bright White Place69751This goes *way* AU after Nisei/731. Rated NC-17 for language,
graphic violence, rape, explicit sex, and disturbing themes.  !noncon
RachelHowardAbove Rubies58906SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys
galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.
RocketmanBeautiful3331Summary: Mulder gets amnesia.....hey come on, give it a
& AlexHirst
Wet Beaver4296What really happened when Scully found Mulder in the shower in
Demons?  A naked, vulnerable, submissive Mulder; how could
anyone resist?! [Dom!Scully can't.]
ShoshanaRecovery I-V9995Mulder is injured and loses a year of memory.M
SkinfullThe Best Things in Life33044Summary: Working with a clean slate.M
Sonny/SpiderLost Time60117Scully takes off after One Son to sort herself out. Mulder
disappears and is later found with amnesia, courtesy of Diana & Spender.
Mulder still has to work a case with Scully... and they kind of have a fresh
TenFallout From Arcadia15100 SUMMARY: On the way back to the San Diego field office
after “Arcadia”, Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up believing
that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob PetrieÂ… 
Ten -
The Call5975SUMMARY: It has been six weeks since Mulder has vanished,
apparently of his own volition. Desperate to find him, Scully finds herself
on a terrifying odyssey.
VickieMoseleySomething to Remember7827Mulder is the only person who can tell Skinner where to
find Scully--but he can't remember anything about his life.
VickieMoseleyThe Fight5754Mulder is being overprotective.G
- 10156
Twice Mine9367SUMMARY: Following a car accident, Scully is left without
memory of her years working on the x-files. She has to learn again how to
trust Mulder, and work with him to recover her memories. 
CarolineORemember Me?56520Summary: Mulder and Scully have been forcibly separated from
each other for fifteen months. Scully has a new life, but no knowledge of her
previous one. [Scully/Other to MSR]
DonnaRemember Me8387Summary - TheyÂ’ve taken her away from him, for real this
time Â Â 
DonnaFalse Scripts20794Summary - They’ve hidden her well this time ...  PG
DonnaDitched For The Last Time. Ditched II & Ditched
14464Ditched for the last time: She finally got mad | Ditched II
& III: sequels. Â Â 
DonnaHer Demons9216Summary - She wakes up in a strange place; can Mulder make it
all right again? 
DonnaSeparations13162[After the x files are first closed down after The Erlenmeyer
Flask, Mulder and Scully get together for one night.  Mulder realises
the danger this put her in disappears from her life.  She's then
abducted but when she was returned she was told
she was no longer pregnant.  She also has amnesia and can't remember
JamieTanquaryDay Becomes Night38892A unknowingly pregnant Scully disappears from Mulder's life
with global amnesia.  For 4 years Mulder believes she is dead.... until
he sees her....
JessicaKurrAmnesia23704Scully suffers from a brain injury and loses her memory while
on vacation. A year later, Mulder finds her after a long desperate search and
tries to help her remember who she is with her new life and new identity.
- 10290
It Happened Tomorrow6254When M is late for dinner, S has had enough.  S wakes up
in a different dimension married to M and then has to get back to her Mulder.
 Not so much an amnesia story as a flustered in a parallel universe
Prufrock'sLoveThe 13th Sign81847He saw no reason for life, death, sex, Armageddon, or
emotional dysfunction to stand in the way of true love.
SheenaAnamnesis17644Scully is reassigned by forces unknown only to be mysteriously
abducted. Skinner’s deal with the devil culminates in a saga of intrigue
that causes an angst-ridden Mulder and an amnesia afflicted Scully to go full
circle in chase of the truth. Along the way, they
discover that things buried deeply enough have a way of surfacing.
ThePimpernelDreaming Reality14513Summary: Blissful ignorance or stark reality or is it blissful
reality and stark ignorance.
DeenaLynnUnreasonable Facsimile36136Summary: What do you do, when everything you are turns out to
be a lie?
JacquieLaVaThe Eden Series
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66486SUMMARY: If you had your memories torn away from you, the very
essence of what made you human, what would you become? Mulder and Scully are
about to find out.
& TBishop
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73912Summary: Mulder and Scully discover a secret that someone has
gone to great lengths to hide.
- 14176
Memories Lost10903Summary: When Mulder and Scully wake up in ScullyÂ’s bed
without any memory of how they got there, they quickly make some shocking
discoveries that force them to investigate not only alien conspiracy theories
but their own relationship as well.
SkinfullConundrum19155Summary: What if something happened that cause partial amnesia
in Mulder and Scully?Fluff City (But honestlyÂ…who wouldnÂ’t like to see Mulder
in nothing but a pair of leather chaps???)
TrelawneySwimming In A Fishbowl9565 Summary: Mulder and Scully visit Vegas under crazy
circumstances and must deal with the aftermath of a very wild ride.
Other places you can find amnesia fics:

Please note, these sites both contain stories that appear in my list but under a different author name.  I’ve decided not to link to sources where the author’s preferred name isn’t used out of respect for their wish to remove their professional name from their fanfiction.  I’ve provided a copy in the preferred name in both .zip and .epub formats,  but if you want individual .txt files you should be able to identify the story names on the above pages.

MSR Fic List: Coming from Behind…

This is definitely a NSFW list, as requested by an anon.  I don’t tag sexual positions so i had to search the library manually.  I’ve come up with a few, but I vaguely remember others that I can’t find right now.  Searching is very hit and miss.  The search “from behind” got over 10,000 hits (10,000+ was all my search program would tell me), so I had to try to play with a few other common keywords to bring the number down to a level I could go through.   Subsequently I’ve missed quite a few, with only come up with 35 to share with you.   I haven’t done a search yet for individual rear entry positions; if I have a burst of energy later I’ll see what else I can dig up.  Hopefully these ones aren’t ones you’d come across very easily so they’ll be new to you.

One strange thing I noticed was that most of them are quite long stories.  If you’re after PWP, there are a few, or you can search each fic for the scene in question.

OK, on with the show.  I’m trying to use tables to make the lists more cross-platform compatible, but let me know if you have problems and I can do a PDF  version.  You can select how many rows to view at one time from the top of the table.

Note: I have discovered a flaw with linking to Gossamer.  Their robots.txt excludes search engines but a link to a page can bypass the robots.txt and make that page appear in google etc.  Where Goss is the only option I can find for a story, I’ll link to their search page and provide the author ID after their name for ease of searching.

2momsmakearightUndercover Swing54304Mulder & Scully go
undercover at a swingers club.
AmbressThe Leap14659SUMMARY: Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. See also sequel: LandfallM
BranwellCherish The Distance18642Summary: Mulder and Scully became lovers before Christmas. Can they manage to integrate this new level
of intimacy into their friendship and work? Their new bond is tested to the
breaking point when Mulder questions ScullyÂ’s dedication to his quest for Samantha.
 Before SUZ.  Major Angst.
CallicottPrimal Priorities3127Summary: Sometimes you need to remember your priorities for doing what you do.M
DashaKAlunakanula4411Summary: The moon has vanished.M
destyshellA Visit to Venus Springs24044There's something mysterious in
a picturesque Colorado mountain village where romance is rampant and the birthrate is astronomical.
DonnileeHappy Birthday, Love33928Mulder decides to confess his
feelings by buying a birthday present that leads to all sorts of questions about relationships, money, the future and exploring the dark side of sexuality.
DonnileeG is for Gruesome34227 Summary: A serial murder is discovered. Our dynamic duo is called in to examine the occult evidence. All Hollows’ Eve is approaching and time is running out. Emotions run high and when they take a break one night to be normal people while their guards are down, something wonderful happens.M
DonnileeRevealing14832 Sequel to R is for Revelations. It's Scully's turn to ‘fess up. M
Donnilee & FatCatSomething Wicked88205SUMMARY: Once again Mulder’s hidden talents get them an undercover assignment. They are assigned to expose a serial killer after several drug land-style executions. But, are things really as they seem? Mulder and Scully hope to figure it out before it's too late. [Stripper!Mulder  !! story
contains noncon, incest etc]
EdieroneShoved; Then Jumping2489Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.M
FatCatThe Urge To Merge15308Summary: The relationship that
culminated in marriage in Scully’s Pride is remembered by Dana Scully-Mulder. Scully Love & Scully's Pride are here.
GillianinChainsSex Happens3390Summary: events that happen over a set period of time in which M&S have slips of morality M
h0ldthiscatChristening1113"Why haven’t we ever had sex at work?”E
icedteainthebagSelfish8551 Summary: Scully brings her feelings about how Mulder treats her to the forefront.E
IzzyPywacketImpure Thoughts2922She's the kind of woman that men leave their wives for. She wears a dark red silk blouse cut so low he can see the hollow between her rounded breasts. Her black leather skirt has a deep slit, offering a view of one smooth thigh. But it's her lips that grab his attention, shiny garnet colored lips, swollen as if she'd been doing wicked things.M
KarenRaschA Words Interlude - Early Morning Words5155Summary: Short piece that features our heroes in bed. Thinking. And doing other things. Second Place Winner of 1996 Spooky for Best
Mulder/Scully Erotica. Part of the Words series but can be read on its own.
KimogenJe Souhait - La Verite3742The story behind Je Souhait, the bits we never got to see. Kimogen also has a post-Je Souhaite story if you're interested.N
KristinMacKenzieDarkness and Silence3401Summary: The real reason for the
sudden change in relationship dynamics during “Pusher.”
Ktblle 15414Under The Influence5489SUMMARY: “If you stop, I promise I will fuck you within an inch of your life tonight.”  [drunken
MissyPenningtonEscape Me Never24485Note: “Escape Me Never” is the conclusion of a story that started in "Tempest” and continued in “Distance”
and “Wild Places.” The seriescan be found here.
MoJoIntimacy Deux87645The one in five billion happens. MSR/baby-fic. M
RachelAntonVolition Unbound23375Summary: The return of a man from Scully’s past forces her to make some decisions. Scully/other to MSR.M
RachelHowardAbove Rubies58906SUMMARY: Biological weapons, ghosts, sex, guns, bad guys galore, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and a partridge in a pear tree.M
SaGe-Secret Pasts2654Mulder discovers Scully is sick when he calls to find out why she's not in the office.  He spends the
next few days with her, caring for her, and learns something from her past while she has a fever.
ScullyGolightlyThat's What He Said4325Some not so idle chit chat in the office. Mulder tells Scully some of his fantasies.E
SelenaCoontzMake Me2961SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully have fun of the physical sort one Friday night. The sequel, Make Me Too is also at the link.E
ShannonK107742Skinner has a bad week but is rewarded in ways he could not even have hoped for.M
ShannonKSuzugos5308Where does the anger end and the sexual tension begin?M
SoodohnimhSlow Drag3523Office smut.E
StarLushAt Peace15073Yet another take of "all things." My version plus how their relationship may have developed in between the two episodes.M
StarLushCaught1893Skinner sets up a 7:30 meeting.  Mulder and Scully arrive early and make good use of their time… Chapter
10 of Random Office Conversations
WildwingSuzNever Too Late22735It comes down to trust -- and love.E
XRaePeaks of Insanity15429Deeply affected while profiling a difficult case, Mulder reaches the limit of his mental endurance. How far is Scully willing to go to bring him back from the edge? There's also a sequel to this, Valleys of Lucidity N
XXMFLuderXXMob Princess And The Buffoon1238Summary: It's the 1920’s. And the mob is booming. William Scully is the kingpin. One of his lackies, Alex Krycek, muses apon his boss's daughter and her buffoon boyfriend. [it's pretty much just an AU PWP].N

Scully Seduces Mulder Totally Cheaty List

I don’t have a tag for this I’m afraid, and the only ones I know of are from my favourite site:  Lost and Found FAQ.  So it’s another DIY list I’m afraid.

Click Here to go to the Lost and Found FAQ List for Scully Seducing Mulder.

You’ll notice there are letters in curly brackets.  The ones with {G} are from Gossamer and the ones with {W} are from Whispers of X.  

There are two that don’t have a location so I’ll link those here.

Conflagration by Snoopmar (I’m 98.9% sure that’s the one)
Scopic Pulsion by Mish  (sequel to What Hands Do)

These lists are rather ancient so if I think of anything else I’ll add it here.  🙂 

A Fowley Bouquet: Fics where the scent of Eau de Fowley permeates

It’s ironic that CC’s attempts to get the focus off MSR arguably made their relationship more of a focus than if he hadn’t interfered.  Having Diana hanging over the entirety of Season 6 made it hard to enjoy.  Back in the day I leaned towards being a noromo, because I loved the relationship Mulder and Scully had and didn’t want to lose that, but I started to beg for MSR in Season 6 because ruining their dynamic by having them at odds was a million times worse. 

Thankfully fan fic authors have been there to pick up the pieces and put things back together again.  CC taught me that noromo is bad and I’m up there at the helm of the ship now, blasting the foghorn.  Admittedly I don’t like it when the MSR feels forced (cough-Babylon-cough) – I just want them to be themselves and have natural interactions that bring back the essence of what they had in the earlier seasons; the banter, the gazing, and the “us against the world” feeling.

Anyway I’m straying from the point, as usual.  This list is about Fowley.  Well, to be honest, it’s more about the effect she had on my beloved Moose and Squirrel.  I personally love some good angst over Diana, but I can’t say I’m that fond of fics that either paint her as some sort of saint or just fantasise over her death.  There may be a few in here because I don’t want to risk accidentally re-reading them by deleting them, but since my personal library is MSR focused the list contains mostly fics about how the presence of Agent Fowley impacted MSR.  

On with the list.  This list is only available in PDF format (706K) and MS Excel xlsx format (118K & slightly more mobile friendly), because it has about 650 entries and would take me weeks to link everything up.  I’d rather get on with sharing more fic.  If there’s something you can’t find, contact me and I should be able to dig it up for you. 

Unless you have extremely good eyesight, you’ll need to click in the top right corner to open them in Google Drive or an app of your choice.


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This next file is the Excel spreadsheet.  If opens the URL when I double click on it and select ‘search’, so I hope that works for everyone.

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MSR Fic List: Being caught by the Scully family

This request was for Maggie Scully getting more than she bargained for, but I don’t have enough of those so I’ve included the whole Scully Family.  I’ve added a column to show who gets an eyeful.

akaJakeConfessions of a Prying Mother1899Summary: Maggie Scully inadvertently interrupts an intimate moment between her daughter and Fox Mulder.
Amorfati32Caught in the Act2482MSR prompt: M&S get caught being intimate at Maggie's house by Bill Jr.
Anonymous & XfilesLizzie
Author ID: 15462
If You Believe21592SUMMARY: Mulder plans a trip to Aspen for Scully and her family for her birthday

MThe entire Scully Family
FrangipanidownunderFine3028 (total)Scully's staying at her Mom's when Mulder comes to check on her...
Breakfast for Three
Must Be Love
FrangipanidownunderPlain and Simple3023> This is a NSFW, fluffy smut Christmas tale. I know, I know, it’s only September, but I saw mince pies in the shops …
>Written for the prompts: Must be a coincidence and Excuse me for falling in love with you.
greekowl87Brownies1960> Written for this week's @txf-promp-box on Tumblr. Mulder brings Scully some special brownies during the cancer arc.
KaylaArievComing To Terms1567Summary: Bill sees something he didn’t want to … 
Mrs_PepperpotBending Spoons3833Set sometime after season 7's All Things this one-shot contains references to First Person Shooter and The first Matrix movie. Mulder reveals a little bit more about himself than he intended and Scully quits being such a clean-freak.Maggie
MuldersLadyIf Things Were Perfect6670SUMMARY: What if Scully still had cancer? Part of the ‘What if’ Universe, a group of stories that ask the ever intriguing question, What if...
NicolevanDamAbridged New Addition6271Summary: Someone gets their holiday wish…  Smut
noifsandsorbeesChristmas at Bill's1957Prompt: that mentioned pullout bed at Bill'sEBill
PDThe Move5801For the most part, all aborted sexual encounters aside, moving day for Scully was proceeding relatively well. There had been no major injuries, it wasn't raining, and the guacamole hadn't stained. Of course, the day was only half over. Constant interruptions.MMaggie Lone Gunmen & a pigeon
sunflowerseedsandscienceSchool Night1651Scully forgot she had dinner plans with her mother....
TBishopBest Friends 6 Blood & Water7112Part of the Best Friends series which you really should read if you like some angst - they're all at the Goss link.
ihavefeministbonesJust Another Day2979Mulder and Scully are running very late for work, and they weren't expecting Maggie to drop around.MMaggie
SamiamSixteen Again2076"I guess what they say about sex making you stupid is true because we were so preoccupied with each other that we both failed to notice the car pull into the driveway or the sound of keys and the front door opening until it was too late."RMaggie
DMOne Simple Kiss2059 “No one ever told me that getting ONE simple kiss would be this
hard. But, with Scully, nothing is ever imple. She’s wonderfully
complicated.” Third in a series which is all at the link provided.

There’s one I read fairly recently where Maggie and Ahab walked in on them, but I can’t find it now.  Please let me know if you know the fic, and I’m always happy to get suggestions of ones I’ve missed.

One in Five Billion by TexxasRose

This one is a bit of fun smut, a missing scene from Folie a Deux.


From: Laura Castellano <> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:29:06 GMT

Subject: New: One in Five Billion NC-17

Source: atxc

Just for fun…actually it’s not new. It’s old. Very old. I think I wrote it in 1998. I’ve changed a couple of the words, but that’s all.

Extreme thanks to Deirdre, who helped me locate this totally obscure fic again!


This story is what my Mama would call “pure-dee trash”, and it is definitely NC-17. So if you are under 18, leave NOW, or your monitor will explode in your face while you’re reading it.

SPOILERS: Oh yeah, all over the place. This is a missing scene from Folie A Deux, the one the Fox censors wouldn’t let CC show us, but take it from me, this is what REALLY happened.

DISCLAIMER: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they don’t really belong to me, they belong to Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting and 1013 and all those other lucky entities, but if they were mine I’d let them have this kind of fun all the time. You know they want to!

FEEDBACK: sure, why not…just be nice, I’m very fragile. Send your comments to Flames will be discarded immediately, or Julie will use them to line her cat-litter box, whichever she chooses.

THANKS to Julie for reading all my stories and helping me make sense of them.

Continue reading One in Five Billion by TexxasRose