Christmas Consummations

Yes it’s a little late, but everything I do is.  This is just a random number of first time fics where the event happened at Christmas.  It’s not part of the Fifty Favourite First Time Fucking Fics Series because this is just what I had tagged in the library.  

AuthorsTitleWordsCommentsEp/ SeasRated
AnneHaynes12 Tales of Christmas28984Starts with post ep for HTGSC, but continues on to finish after Arcadia. First time is in "Eternity Waits"
AriadneUpon the Highest Bow4034Post ep for HTGSC
CatwomanElmo5450After Christmas Carol Scully calls Mulder in a fit of indecision, again, and loses her  nerve, again.  But this time, Mulder's not letting her 'off the hook'.   
CoriTransference Of Ownership5490Summary: Mulder and Scully take a risk and exchange Christmas presents.
DashaK & PlausibleDeniabilityAfter Eight8501Summary: Is it the magic of the Eight Ball, the Christmas spirit, or something that’s been a long time in coming? 
drfangirlUnwrapped3105The aftermath of "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"6.06M
ExeterStreetMulder's Christmas Package1770Summary: Mulder receives the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents.
FatCatAn X Files Xmas Surprise14762Summary: Scully and Mulder are trying to make it back to DC for Christmas, but the most unexpected thing happens.
HindyZBradleyAgent Scully Works Her Magic4101Summary: This is simply a Christmas confection. 
JacquieLaVaSuch Gifts as These2890Post-ep for “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” 
JacquieLaVa & TBishop1-900-OH-SANTA19429Summary: Scully is finding this Christmas particularly stressful until she takes matters into her own hands. (a little pun intended)M
JoriCalendar Girl I: Blue Light Special7245Keywords: MSR, sappy Christmas stuff, mind candy canes 
 Author’s notes: This is a post-Christmas story dedicated to people like me who know that they can’t get anything done by Christmas, so they just set the story the day after Christmas.

I've linked to the Wayback Machine page which has the entire series.
MacSpookyStranded For Christmas15173This is a Christmas story that I wrote, or started on November 11, 1995.  I've tried to pick up on the coolness we've seen in too many of the eps this season and make use of it here.  What happens when the two agents are stranded for xmas.
MangokiwitropicalswirlThe Twelve Tropes of Christmas20673This is part of a personal challenge to write little holiday drabbles that each contain one of the fandoms' favorite tropes.
PlausibleDeniabilityBlue Xmas4409'Tis the night before Christmas, and Scully's holiday is turning out a little differently than she expected. Scully gets her heart's desire with the help of a quirky museum. !mildly dubcon
SherylMartinReparations3038Scully has a personal crisis, and Mulder is there… this is what I WANTED to see after “Emily”… gryn… Spoilers: Memento Mori, Christmas Carol, Emily… Rating: NC-17, natch… Story, MSR…
TessBlessed Night6700Smut  Post the HTGSC
thesexfilesCarol of the Narcissist and the Naysayer3496Silence is as common between them as conversation, as natural. She has watched him think, sleep, cry, eat, laugh. She has even caught him in his own version of a prayer, silently staring up at a moonless sky. She’s a patient woman, even at a crossroads. It is one of her greatest strengths. It is, she worries, her hamartia.

I’ll leave the PDF version attached.  Please note that I’ve done the links wrong somehow so they don’t work on phones, but they should work your desktop.  I’ll have a tinker when i get some spare time.

PDF version: A random number of First Time Christmas Sex fics that I’m too tired to alliterate


Mulder’s Christmas Package by Exeter Street

It’s driving me mad that I can’t find this fic, so I’m giving up and posting it here.  I have two by Exeter Street in my library and can’t find either of them, so if you can point me in their direction, please do.  There’s a possibility that they’re on ephemeral, so I’ll check when it returns.


Title: Mulder’s Christmas Package

Author: Exeter Street
Rating: NC-17 Keywords: MSR, Smut

Summary: Mulder receives the Christmas present to end all Christmas presents.

Disclaimer: Obviously not mine, they wouldn’t have any genitals left. Notes: I’m currently working on a larger scale project and it’s going to be a long time until M&S get it on. So to tide you (let’s be honest here, ME!) over.

Here’s a little ‘somethin somethin.’ Technically it’s a Christmas fic so only the naughty kiddies are allowed to open this before Dec 25. Feedback is always appreciated at Idealistshaven or the email above.

Thank You & On With The Show

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